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About this item
– Holds approximately 170 graded cards
– Press and pull latches
– Equipped with an O-ring seal and pressure equalization valve
– Two pad lockable hasps and powerful stainless-steel hinges
– Shock-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, temperature-resistant
– Environmental-friendly product


Composed of a high-impact material and resistant to extreme hot and cold temperatures ranging from -30°C to 90°C, this high-intensity, airtight, lightweight, and durable protective box will protect your important documents and valuables in nearly any adverse environment.

The protective box features die-cut foam inside and a customizable compartment to store all of your valuable goods snugly and safely. This safety box also includes a pressure valve that maintains internal and external pressures and the O-ring allows you to manually adjust the internal pressure. Once you draw the latch snaps tightly closed, it resists being broken even under higher impact.


Outside dimensions: 19.78″ x 15.77″ x 7.41″
Inside dimensions: 18.06″ x 12.89″ x 6.72″

Inside foam is composed of “pick and pluck” cubes. It can be cut horizontally and vertically in order to create small cubes that can be plucked out. Surrounding foam can be customized to the shape of what you are storing in the case.

Shock-proof design prevents contents from being broken or damaged if shocked
Pressure-proof design prevents contents from being broken under pressure.
Moisture-proof design prevents the contents from rusting if box is submerged in liquid.
Features a valve that maintains the balance between internal and external air pressure
It has testing standards that reach IP55.
The handle in the front allows for the box to be easily transported

Color: black

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